Monday, September 20, 2010

Chama River, 20 x 16

Thick paint, this may not dry til next year....but I like where this is just feels right. It began from an old photo taken at the Chama River in New Mexico. The topography there is so is no wonder so many artists live and work in that area of New Mexico. I want to make more paintings in this genre...I just like the way the paint feels. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, please contact me.

Cafe Cat, 20 x 16

I am enjoying painting with lots of luscious, heavy really is all about the paint. Something is changing in my painting. We will just see where this goes. Sold.

Barcelona Ava, 24x24, (sold)

Friend Julie and family enjoyed a fabulous summer vacation in Barcelona, Spain. They were guests of a family and stayed on their estate outside the city. Evidentally, they were royally entertained and wanted to give the host & hostess a special gift. Julie sent me a photograph of the hostess, Ava, and her little dog, while they were resting on the veranda hammock. She asked me to paint the scene, and this is the result. So, this is Julie's thank-you gift to Ava and her husband! So much better than flowers or wine, yes???!!!

Trinity River Cactus, 14x11x2

This is a small work on panel, a study of cactus found along the river's edge last summer. My studio group is mounting a show at the Texas Discovery Gardens at the Texas State Fair. The show will be on display thru December 31, 2010, so if you go to the State Fair, stop by and see the show. The art show is free, and the building itself is wonderful, as are the fabulous gardens, and the Butterfly Exhibit. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, you can do so at the Texas Discover Gardens, or just contact me.

Untitled Commission-60x48x3 (sold)

This painting was commissioned after the client saw another work "Just a Country Song Waiting to Happen" which is on display at the Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, TX. Both paintings have a beautiful dress in common, but then they part ways. This painting is rich in symbolism telling a story of many important events in this couple's life together. The client requested that the painting contain the special dress, the colorful bow-tie that was worn by the groom at their wedding, and a special piece of jewelry, and a representation of their wedding date. I chose to perch the dress form's magic melon on a tight rope (because balancing marriage, career, family is like a tight rope, yes?), the melon being a fertility symbol. The eggs in the bird's nest represent the couple's children, and the nest the safety of their family. The groom's jacket hangs from the jungle vines (the jungle representing the challenges of his professional career). The yellow bird holds a scroll with their wedding date in the Roman calendar. A humming bird holds a strand of pearls representing one of the many pieces of jewelry the husband has gifted the wife for special occasions throughout their marriage. The blue dragonfly is a symbol of the warm hospitality that this couple continuously offers their many friends and family members. It was a challenging and rewarding commission. I was honored to work with this couple on their special painting!