Saturday, December 11, 2010

Liza, 18x24, NFS

My husband and I were guests of our god-daughter's family last summer at Sea Island, GA, for a wonderful beach vacation. My favorite photo from that trip is of our god-daughter, Liza, when she was playing on the beach, writing her name in the sand. As this posts, Liza will be the flower girl in my oldest niece's wedding, so we will all be together in Florida for the big event. This painting is a gift to Liza's parents. If you have interest in other paintings or commissions, please contact me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Retrieving Dilemma, 18x24

Still painting the retriever, and she has a real dilemma here. Should she keep the wonderful stick, or drop it for that great lime green tennis ball? Tough choice. This particular dog will try to put both in her mouth and will likely succeed. She has a great heart. I hope I have captured just a hint of the brief moment of her indecision. SOLD

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Augusta and John, 20x24

If you have ever been blessed by a retrieving canine in your life, then this is a familiar and happy scene. This golden will swim thru the waves for her tennis ball for hours and hours and hours. Her 'person' (my dear friend, John G) waits on the beach to throw the ball yet again. I was trying to paint this from the dog's vantage point...had to borrow the neighbor's retriever for photos, as my own beloved labrador didn't get the memo that she hails from a long lineage of water loving champion retrievers. (She hates water and wouldn't even be tempted if I threw a steak out there!) Dogs are a favorite painting subject for is possible that I like them better than many people, at least I understand them better.
(Sold): Addendum 1-11-11: This painting was commissioned by John's wife, Jane, as a surprise gift for him. It is especially poignant now, as we have all recently learned that Augusta (the retreiver subject of this painting is ill and may not be with us much longer, so we are all really sad about this. Augusta and John have one of those very special relationships.)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Color is your Buffalo?, 24x30

Yes, I am still painting the large beasts of the western plains, albeit not in their native colors. My buffalo(s) are turquoise/ lilac, orange, etc, and it makes a good contrast to the early winter grasses, yes? I like the repetition of the hulking form, and would like to paint it larger, much, much larger...a herd, large herd of multi colored buffalo.....Thanks for viewing my work. If you are interested in purchasing this or any other painting, please do contact me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Buffalo King, 24 x 30

Many thanks to friend & fellow artist Mark Malone who shared his photographs of buffalo from a recent trip to New Mexico. I've always be fascinated with these beasts...particularly their mass, their bulk, their texture. They are just great big hulks of power and texture. I like that. This particular buffalo was on a fenced ranch, and somehow I suspect he might not have appreciated that fence, but he at least accepted it for the moment. Please contact me if you have interest in purchasing this or other works.