Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Augusta and John, 20x24

If you have ever been blessed by a retrieving canine in your life, then this is a familiar and happy scene. This golden will swim thru the waves for her tennis ball for hours and hours and hours. Her 'person' (my dear friend, John G) waits on the beach to throw the ball yet again. I was trying to paint this from the dog's vantage point...had to borrow the neighbor's retriever for photos, as my own beloved labrador didn't get the memo that she hails from a long lineage of water loving champion retrievers. (She hates water and wouldn't even be tempted if I threw a steak out there!) Dogs are a favorite painting subject for me...it is possible that I like them better than many people, at least I understand them better.
(Sold): Addendum 1-11-11: This painting was commissioned by John's wife, Jane, as a surprise gift for him. It is especially poignant now, as we have all recently learned that Augusta (the retreiver subject of this painting is ill and may not be with us much longer, so we are all really sad about this. Augusta and John have one of those very special relationships.)

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  1. What a charming painting! I love the colors. And I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who tends to like dogs (or animals in general) more than people! :) It just seems to be easier to love them, doesn't it? :)