Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ripped from my Sketchbook: Triptych, 24x60, by Sharon Hodges

This triptych is another in the 'ripped from my sketchbook' series, thus the ragged edge motif at the tops of the canvases.  Does that work?  or not?  The modern landscapes do work as stand alones, as diptych, or triptych, depending on your preference.  This came up after I took my dog for a outing in a new park.  I am always amazed at what she sniffs out that I never even see, stuff that I would just pass right over, but that she is completely fascinated with...she is easily entertained and so happy with every scent that passes her way. Simple pleasures. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring in the Valley, 30x40, by Sharon Hodges

I recently enjoyed a short trip thru the central Texas hill country, hoping to see field after field of our native bluebonnets.  I saw exactly three....bluebonnets, not fields and fields. :(  It was a bit early and it has been dry.  Nevertheless, the sun was warm, and I saw wonderful rocky outcroppings and glowing grasses, and meandering streams, the promise of a beautiful spring on its way, and I had to paint that feeling of the earth warming up after the cold winter.  (In a few months, we will be begging for those cold breezes, yes?) This painting is loaded with paint, thickly applied, lots of active brushwork.  I will post it on my website with the zoom enabled for better viewing.  This painting is currently displayed at Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, TX. Contact me for more info. Thanks for looking at my work!