Monday, July 9, 2012

Friends, 30x24, oil

I am particularly partial to labrador retrievers, as my canine companion is a much loved chocolate lab.  These three are ready to hunt, just waiting for the command to 'retrieve' their quarry.  Anyone who has hunted with a well trained dog appreciates the excitement and joy that the dog brings to the is really beautiful to watch!  My dog hunts nothing more than the newspaper and she is always so thrilled with her accomplishment!!!!!...and so am I, bless her heart!  30x24x2.5 gallery canvas


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I absolutely love the concept of this painting. The whole painting is very appealing and original

  2. NJ,
    Thanks so much! This is one of my favorites. It sold to my veterinarian and hangs in the East Lake Vet Clinic here in Dallas! It is especially meaningful since my beautiful chocolate lab passed away this past June. It's hard to lose our canine family. Thanks for your comment!