Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's Talk, 24x24

Poolside, last Saturday, I watched this couple for an hour or so. They never spoke, and the only thing moving was their thumbs. I so wanted to ask if they were texting each other or??? I ultimately decided they didn't need my intrusion. The light was strong, and it made interesting shapes and shadows in this summer scene. This is one of my favorite paintings. Framed, custom Larsen Juhl + s/h. To purchase this painting, contact me.


  1. Let's hope that these two are not texting each other....Love the color and subject matter. You are painting so fast!!!! Keep it up.

  2. This picture is hysterical but so well painted! You have such a God-given talent! Now you can have time to fully develop it. Keep it up Sharon. I can't wait for the next painting.

  3. Fantastic, as usual! This turned out great! Love the light in this painting and I also love the subject. Like Kay, I hope these two are not texting each other, but I'll bet they are!