Wednesday, July 15, 2009

See the delicate flower beat me into submission, 8x10

I post this to remind myself that the most simple things in nature can absolutely pummel the unprepared artist...I mean, how hard can a 6-petaled yellow flower be? I was attending the workshop w/ Quiang Huang (very talented Austin, TX, based artist and workshop instructor), and Quiang made flowers (and pretty much everything else) look so easy....Ahem. This lone flower represents a monumental struggle (I lost that battle) for me...My sweet mother-in-law, Hazel, loves this because, well, her kitchen is yellow. That works for me, but I am not proud of this flower. I know that the 'simple' flower paintings of Georgia O'Keefe are anything but...Flowers are tough. Local Dallas, TX, artist Donna Page executes the most brilliant and detailed flowers generally on a giant scale (she is a glutton for punishment). If you love flowers, check out her website Meanwhile, my flowers are embarrassed. SOLD

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  1. I think that you have done a great job Sharon and I'd love to see more still lifes (!) from you :-) Yes, flowers are tough at first but the more you practice ...................
    Hey, watch out for flying crockery on my blog ;-)