Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grandma's kitchen scale, 11x14

This antique scale forced me to use a brush smaller than 1/2" was frightening. I am happy w/ the tomatoes and the scale. My original rendering of the onion was likely more successful than the one shown here....(why can't we just leave well enough alone?) I may need to take another stab at the onion. Thoughts????


  1. Love the painting. the tomatoes are exquisite. the scale rendered beautifully. The lost edges and your touches of red throughout the painting brings in a nice harmony. I don't remember your original onion, but here is my thoughts. You've lost the dimension. Think of your light source and then paint with 3 values like Qiang taught you to do with the rose, and then you can go back and add the touches of color. But no matter what, you consistently inspire me with your beautiful work and your progress.

  2. Sharon, this is a lovely painting. I though it was finished several days ago. I do like the background and tomatoes after you touched them up. I think you lost the golden color of a crisp outside onion skin...but it all looks wonderful. I love the scale!!! Seeing it in person is better than seeing on your blog. Another Hodges masterpiece!!!