Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still Life with Beets, 40x30 (Sold)

This still life is deceptively large...but the 40x30 size gives each element significant impact and makes it larger than life, literally. I love beets...the color, the starchy stems, the large leaves, and this leaf wanted to be important in this painting. This is a strong, graphic painting. (Sold)


  1. Having seen this piece in person, I can testify to its beauty. It really is huge. Up close and personal with the veggies. I like very much as is.

  2. I have noticed and harped on the use of "divine proportion". I think you have just about achieved it. I love this painting. EXCELLENT JOB!

  3. What a striking painting----one of your most interesting creations on canvas. To see it in person is very impressive!!! Wonderful composition, lovely colors, great texture....what can I say? It is a masterpiece!!